HouseInABox provides house plans and links customers up with national material suppliers. Through a nationwide network of suppliers, ask to be introduced to local construction firms that can assist in the project. This all starts with purchase of a study set of plans ($100) from any of the participating architects on HouseInABox.com.

We are Builders, Architects and housing professionals who have designed a line of homes that combine efficiency, beauty, and functionality. The homes range from 317 to over 4,000 square feet. They can be built as independent units or as accessories to an existing home. They can be combined to create as much living space as a multi-generation family could want. When you add decks, porches, patios, or elevated foundations, the possibilities are endless. We offer the plans for sale to individuals, professional homebuilders, and anyone who needs a home or additional living space. Plan purchasers may work directly with architects to customize and modify the house plans as desired. The materials needed to build the home can be priced and purchased from one of our national suppliers, or any local supplier of building materials. Our program allows you to act as your own contractor or hire a builder and still control your costs by taking advantage of preferred pricing from our national suppliers. Plan purchasers work directly with the closest supplier with no pricing mark-up to us.

Step-By-Step Process:

  • Choose a Plan. From any of the three architects shown on our website.
  • Purchase a Study Set for $100 through our secure PayPal Account. A Study Set is an actual construction plan sent in a .pdf format the same day that your PayPal transaction is complete. The Study Set shows room dimensions, suggested furniture placement, and enough information to complete the research and planning for your project.
  • Do your research. You will be directed to the closest of our national suppliers, 84 Lumber or ProBuild. They will provide a “ball park” estimate based on your specific location and conditions. They can also introduce you to local builders or contractors.
  • Purchase the full set of construction plans for $500 for Sugarhouse Architect plans or $1,000 for ARA or C. Allen Brown plans You can now make modifications, make your plans permit ready, customize and obtain complete pricing for your specific unit, in order to begin construction of your new home or accessory dwelling unit.
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